We are an online marketing agency offering a variety of online marketing solutions for businesses.

Whether you landed on this page through another site or you found us on the search engines we can guarantee you one thing; you have come to the right place. If you have online marketing needs let us know. Our support service is available 24/7 just click the messenger icon on the bottom right to interact with our smart bot.

Our services

At Rite Target Marketing, matching the client with the service that gives them the most return is our desire. We use the inbound marketing model – from the moment a prospect interacts with our website to knowing the options that are available to them to helping them make a final decision. 

Content Creation

We create relevant content for businesses. Our team of content creators understand the impeccable value of content that is relatable
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Web Design

We build websites and funnels for all types of small to mid-size businesses. Our websites are fully optimized with dynamic functionality
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At Rite Target Marketing we know the importance of branding and the impact it has on any business. So we take nothing for granted
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Reviews & Reputation Services

Online reviews have become a metric that informs a prospect of the performance of a business based on customer’s assessment.
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Omnichat Communication

Relationship marketing and conversational commerce combined have proven to be increasingly significant in online marketing.
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Social Media

Social media has transformed into a marketing funnel, giving visitors access to products and services right on the platform feed.
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Execution centered

The result of any project is driven by the analysis of the entire project work. Our team of experts will work with the prospective client to make sure they understand the scope and determine the process that best fit the project outline for a successful implementation.

On time delivery

We are mindful of the implication that comes with missing a deadline especially for businesses. That is why we put time-effort and resources to making sure we get a proper understanding of the client’s desired goal and the expected delivery period

Client centered

We work with our clients to help us understand what their problem is and how we can guide them to make the right decision. We are aware that the clients’ contribution is an essential part in piecing together the components needed to accomplish our collective goal.

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How We Are Different

At Rite Target Marketing, we handle each task as our own venture. We follow a systematic process to determine if a prospect is a good fit and get them onboard. Our friendly admin will make the necessary efforts to go through every detail to ensure that the prospective client meets the standard requirement.

Our philosophy

To provide online solution to our clients. The objective of Rite Target Marketing is to offer the most essential resources to help our clients get the maximum benefit. We place immense value in our relationship with current and future clients.

“Giving clients the ability to utilize new marketing strategies will empower them to provide solutions to their customers!”


Our team

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What our clients say

I have no regret that I found Rite Target Marketing. Since I signed up with them, I have seen incredible improvement in my business.  I have made a lot of progress in my marketing campaign.

Our work

strengths we have

Our strength is drawn from the relationship we enjoy from our most valued clients. They inspire us with their TRUST and challenge us with their CONFIDENCE over what we are capable of doing for them.

This relationship is the source of our strength and continuing success. Every new client or new project presents new opportunities – which we explore for our mutual interests.



We are a California based digital marketing agency. We provide online services to small to mid-sized businesses helping them to advertise better and market smarter.

Our team of experts is one of the finest in the industry with a discipline that showcases knowledge, aptitude and humility. But what sets us apart is our obsession for doing things right and the passion to see our clients in a state of immeasurable satisfaction. For us the work is not done until our client says its well-done. We are always available to offer the best in online marketing and advertising.

We offer a wide variety of services but if you don’t find the service you are looking for please let us know. However we fulfill only jobs that falls within our services portfolio as we strive to stay consistent in providing valuable services to our clients.

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